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bison and calf  (YNP)  12x18black bear (YNP) 11x14wild flowers with mountains (GTNP)  12x18Lamar Valley (YNP)  12x18bison with mountains (YNP)  12x18Wind Canyon Overlook (South Unit) 12x18River Bend Overlook (North Unit) 12x18Painted Canyon  12x18Painted Canyon 2 12x18Buck's Hill view 12x18Horse on hill (TRNP)  8x10wild stallion horse 11x14wild horse - stallion (storm)  11x14Bison cow and calf  11x14Bison in North Dakota landscape  12x18TRNP landscapeOxbow Overlook (TRNP)  12x18Yellowstone bison with rainbow 12x18black bear cubs (YNP) 12x18wresting bears (YNP) with 3rd looking on  12x18

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